Kerruish - Law

Kerruish Law was formed in 2012 by Paul Kerruish, former Managing Director of Gough Advocates Limited.

Our vision is based upon the premise of partnering with our clients to achieve close, long-term relationships. This is done by providing more than just technical legal advice - we take a holistic real-world view and apply this to our approach so that you will hopefully see us more as a contributor to your business and private client affairs rather than a mere cost to be endured. We strive to become a 'trusted advisor' to all our clients.

This can only be achieved by a small practice such as ours that offers a truly ‘boutique environment’ with direct access to the advocate(s) and experienced fee earners working on your matter. We couple this approach with realistic charge-out rates and an exemplary record of corporate governance and compliance.

Paul Kerruish, Managing Director of the firm has extensive experience in all areas the firm operates in and oversees the best way in which we can help you. By providing a small range of talented advocates and experienced fee earners with very specific competencies, we can tailor- make a team for your specific circumstances meaning you will have the best person working for you in the most cost efficient manner.

We have a network of professional partners with whom we work with to provide additional expertise where needed. This is particularly useful should a client require specialist litigation advice or tax planning.

We also employ an experienced team of support staff (practice manager, legal secretaries and clerks) who ensure the effective handling of our clients and who proactively contribute to cost efficiencies where possible.