Dispute Resolution

Whilst the firm has its primary focus on non-contentious matters and assisting our clients in doing business, we recognise the fact that sometimes things do not go as planned!

Paul Kerruish has a wealth of experience in contentious matters and will be able to discuss appropriate steps that may need to be taken and where necessary and within our knowledge and skill set, we will deal with the same. Where specialist litigation and dispute resolution skills are needed or other necessary professional skills, we are well placed to assist our clients in finding the most suitable advisor. This can either be by reference to the best advocate for the job on the Isle of Man or reference to specialist counsel in London or the provinces, as circumstances require.

A particular area the firm has considerable experience in is that of seeking to mediate and resolve probate and estate disputes. These situations are often highly charged and emotive and require not only an intricate knowledge of the legal issues involved but also a compassionate approach. We pride ourselves in providing both these skills to the ends of sensible and cost effective resolution of a number of such difficult situations.


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