Paul Kerruish

Throughout his career, Paul has had a particular interest and leading role in the Island’s property sector and has acted for most of the Island's largest property developers. He now specialises in a wide range of high value property transactions, with a particular focus on leasehold and freehold commercial property and the Island's growing prime property and country estate sector. Paul will also generally take the lead in any matters involving property disputes, such as over boundaries, title or related contract disputes.

Paul is also one of the Island’s leading Private Client Advocates with a wealth of experience in a full range of estate planning services and advice, including advising on simple wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney, Mental Health Receiverships through to helping mediate complex Estate and Probate disputes.

Paul also has considerable experience and expertise in a wide range of corporate and commercial matters, including inward investment projects, assisting clients with business startups, relocation and restructuring and the practice of what he calls 'business law'. With an entrepreneurial approach to the law, Paul can bring to a client the benefit of over 25 years' experience in Manx law and business, acting not just as Advocate but Trusted Advisor on a wide range of issues. He is able to provide overarching strategic input, which has proved particularly valuable to a number of inward investment projects where clients new to the Island need such a wide range of experience and knowledge. This is in addition to helping a number of new entrepreneurial starts ups and businesses looking to expand their operations on the Isle of Man, ranging from strategic property development, local meat producers, a micro distillery and a graphene research and development company.

Earlier in his career Paul also had several years' involvement in some of the Island’s largest forensic tracing cases. This gives Paul an almost unique background amongst the Island advocates in having both considerable experience in complex litigation matters, as well as the non-contentious private client and commercial sectors, thus enabling him to guide clients through the good and bad times of any deal or transaction.

Other Positions
Member of the Institute of Directors
Vice President of the Isle of Man Law Society 2013-2015

Member of Law Society Council 2009-2015

Managing Director

Barrister (England & Wales) (non-practicing) [called 1992], Advocate (Isle of Man) [called 1993] Commissioner for Oaths Notary Public [Commissioned 2000] Cert IoD [2011]

Direct Email

Phone: +44 (0)1624 623999