The Artists

Throughout our website we have used imagery taken from a range of impressionist oil paintings – These paintings are not by well-known ‘Masters’ but are in fact a range of paintings by famous Manx artists from the last century and before such as William Hoggatt, Archibald Knox, John Miller Nicholson et al.

We have chosen this imagery to represent our firm identity in order to get away from bland professional services imagery and instead use something a little more personal to our company and the Isle of Man where we are based. The way we have used the images is also a metaphor for focussing in on fine detail, whilst keeping our eyes on the bigger picture for the benefit of our clients.

Our Managing Director, Paul Kerruish is an avid collector of impressionist Manx paintings and was keen for his new firm identity to reflect this passion. You will notice that each painting makes a subtle reference to the subject of the text and by placing your mouse over an image a full image of the original painting appears with a commentary on the artist.

Many of Paul Kerruish’s long-standing clients share an interest in the local art scene and we hope that clients, both new and old will enjoy viewing some paintings that they may never have seen before!

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Manx National Art Collection held by Manx National Heritage for providing access to digital versions of their paintings.

To view the Manx National Art Collection’s digital library please click here:

For more information on each artist, click on the names in the sidebar.