Private Client

We provide a broad range of private client services acting for a wide ranging client base, including individuals resident and/or domiciled both within and outside the Isle of Man. We appreciate that all clients assets and wealth is hard earned and must be carefully managed to have regard for their personal circumstances. Such circumstances change and hence why we work to develop long term and trusted relationships with our clients, so that we can in turn provide them with the best possible advice and guidance.

We strive to create a relationship with each private client that will grow with knowledge and mutual understanding. Each client will be different and therefore our approach is tailored accordingly.


We undertake all types of trust work, including the drafting of trust deeds and related documentation, assisting with changes to trust terms, removal or replacement of trustees/ protectors/ beneficiaries, re-organisation of trusts, distributions and other administrative steps, assisting in the resolution of trust disputes to try and avoid litigation between beneficiaries or between trustees and beneficiaries, and advising trustees as to their powers and duties.

Wills and Probate

We undertake wills and probate work for a wide range of clients both local and ex-pat. The firm also drafts wills, advises on succession planning (where necessary), advises executors on their duties and powers, acts as executors and trustees, undertakes applications for probate, (both resident estates and foreign re-sealings) and assist with the resolution of disputes which often arising out of contentious wills and estate situations.


We are able to advise on the formation, registration and dissolution of charities, the responsibilities and liabilities of trustees and governing bodies, and the establishment of associated companies, property and other transactions that charities may enter into.

Family Law

We advise on a broad range of non-contentious family law matters, in particular separation and divorce, cohabitation, financial provision and pre- and post- nuptial agreements.

Mental Health Receivership / Enduring Power of Attorney

We have considerable experience and expertise when it comes to advising individuals and families on both Enduring Powers of Attorney and Mental Health Receiverships. Both can be complicated and onerous on the family as a whole, especially during what can be a distressing time. We will do our best to explain the intricacies involved and provide as much support and inderstanding as possible.


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